The new kid in town: Action Books!

Content providers can use the Yeap platform to connect their content to a Yeap program. Upskill your customers by feeding them the right information in the right moment. Win-win for everybody. User can subscribe to your content and build better habits.

Connect your Content

You want to offer an added value for your books, articles and posts? Connect your content to a Yeap program. Your content will be distributed by Yeap to your subscribers. 
You will help them achieve their goals in a new exciting way. The Yeap Community will love you.

Monetize your Content  

Once connected to Yeap you have a new business channel for your content. You increase the value and attractivity of your existing content and add a powerful new line of business.

Improve your Content

With Yeap your content becomes actionable information. You learn where to adjust or deepen your content. You can adjust it on the fly and see immediate impact for your readers and subscribes.  

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