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What is Yeap?

Yeap is an eCoaching app.

Its purpose is to let people reach their individual goals by automatically communicating THE RIGHT FEEDBACK according to progress via mobile device/notebook.

It is meant for all people who want to learn new habits easier and faster.

With its psycho-cybernetic approach (feedback) and the open platform for all types of partners eCoach works better and is more fun than “advisers” -  and service providers, who are solely counting on proprietary communication platforms.


How does Yeap work?

Users can join, purchase or create their own programs to achieve their goals in all possible areas of life.

Depending on their progress they receive the right feedback at the right time.

Their progress can be tracked through devices or by manual input.

The USP of Yeap is the open reward box, which can be filled with various types of feedback.



Friendly users with goals

You want to lose weight?

You want to be more productive at work?

You want t become a better parent/ partner/ friend?

You just haven't been able to reach your goals?

Yeap could be exactly what you need!

Contact us to be among the first users to try this new, innovative app.



Content Provider

If you offer a program, which encourages people to change habits and achieve goals, enhance it with Yeap! Guide and support your clients even more and let them also receive motivation from additional sources.

Are you a company, always looking for the best way to promote your products and reach the right audience. With Yeap you can offer discounts and test products to potential customers, who want to achieve goals in line with your brand.

Do you have fans or followers, who love to hear from you? Give them the opportunity to purchase motivation packages from you with messages and encouragements, which will reach them, just when they need it.

Contact us and try it out!

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